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I’m just mostly fat.

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I was always a bigger girl.  I was not the fat kid by any means, but to say that I come from good farm girl stock would be an understatement.  I had cankles when I was 8. I never struggled with my weight until I had Meister.  I suffered from horrible postpartum depression.  My marriage being a total joke didn’t help either.  I got FAT.  I was damn heavy.  Fatty fatness.  At my heaviest I weighed 205.  Wanna see?

I was fat.  I was also blonde.
I lost 25 lbs during the first two or three weeks of the divorce.  Cheating husbands, lawyers, and cross country moves will do that to you.  There are no pictures from that time.  I am not sorry.  It was lots of ugly crying face.  I once met the cable guy with mascara all over my face and didn’t know it.  It was not a good time for me or the poor cable guy. 
I worked hard at losing more weight and got down to 167.  That was awesome.  Wanna see?  
It’s Frageeelay!

Notice I’m not wearing a wedding ring in the pic?  That’s because The Hubs and I were just dating then.  We got married a year later and then blam-o it was a comfort zone eating free for all because I’d done snagged me a man.  Ugh.

So I’m back to Divorce Diet weight. Actually, I’m 177.  Woot woot!

Whatcha gonna do about it Liz?

Eh nothin’ 

Just kidding.  I have been using a calorie tracker since March.  It’s an app for your phone called Lose It!  I’m doing great– at least in my head I am.  My goal is 160.  Pre-Meister is 150, but that was also when I was 24.  Realistically, 160 is probably a good place for me to be.  I’d be a easy to slip on slightly loose 13/14 then.  I’m in that size now in some brands, others a 15/16.

Being transparent about weight struggles and goals is a good thing for me.  Food issues abound in my head. (did you know I hide when I eat? Or how I can eat two lunches and not feel full?)   I like to hear about other people’s issues too.  It helps me feel not alone.  I like to hear that you can eat 10 sugar cookies in one sitting too.    What about you?  Are you mostly fat?  What do you struggle with?