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It’s a mostly Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from some of us

Merry Christmas from some of us


Kids ruin everything

If you have known me for any length of time then you know my motto: Kids ruin everything.  They do.  Think about it for a minute.  Remember when you were childless?  See?  I’m right aren’t I?  With that said though, I love our kids.  I love them to pieces and I’d let them ruin my life over and over again just to have them with me.

Who would wear cowboy hats with me?  Certainly not The Hubs.  He abhors cowboys.  I used to be married to one.  Ironic eh?

Who would sleep like this?  I die a little inside each time I see this.  How effing precious?

Who would look so adorable and so gross at the same time?

Who would let me endanger my face while taking this awesome picture?

These two that’s who.  I love the crap out of them and want to squeeze them.  A lot.




Happy Birthday Miss Thang!

She’s the big 4 today!
She really liked her rainbow birthday pancakes!

yoga babies

They didn’t want to go to bed.  
They wanted to do yoga instead.  
I wish I could claim this behavior comes from me, but it’s totally from my mom.

Best Present EVER! (or how to zombify your kids for car trips)

My kiddos are in the car a lot.  And by a lot I mean, Miss Thang spends six hours a week going to and from her mom’s house.  Every other week Meister and I go along for the ride and spend the day with my in-laws, it’s four hours round trip.  To top it all off, it’s usually dark out so no looking out the windows for them.  When we first started doing this we had one portable DVD player and a Nintendo DS.  It worked great.  Miss Thang was more than happy to watch Beauty and the Beast while Meister played his DS.  

Everything was just fine for quite a while until Meister decides he wanted to watch movies too.  We (the parents with infinite knowledge) decided to balance the lone DVD player on the center console of the car.   Let the bickering begin.  If you are parent you will appreciate the following conversation.

“I can’t see it.”
“Turn the DVD player, I can’t see it!” 
“MOOOOOM I can’t see the movie.”
I turn the DVD in Meisters direction.
“Now I can’t see the movie.” 
Movie.  Movie. Movie. Mooooooviieeeeeee
“Mom, I can’t see it again.”

It was effing horrible!  The constant fighting over who could see and not see was enough to make me cry, but add to that the soundtrack to the Chipmunks movie playing loud enough for both kids to hear while we are rolling down the interstate at 75 mph and it’s no wonder I developed migraines.

The Hubs had the brilliant idea of getting the kids dual DVD players for the car with headphones for Christmas.  I worried the kids didn’t really “want” this for a present and it was more for us.  I voiced said concerns to him.  His response?  “Damn right it’s for us!  Think of the silence.”  I did.  It was wonderful.  I told him to order those sweet sweet silence makers asap!  He kindly pointed out that it was July and we would have to wait till the end of December to enjoy the silence. 

The.  Wait.  Was.  Agony.

The wait is over folks.  I’m happy to report my kiddos are plugged in and happy as can be for their long car rides.  The silence is blissful.  There is no fighting.  No whining.  No hollering. 

Beauty and the Beast for the 9 millionth time.

He’s just so stinking happy.