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Hurry up and hold your horses

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My father in law is a racehorse trainer.  It rocks my world that I get to have my horse fix through him.  I miss that life.  Le Sigh.  Anyways, we spent the weekend at the track.  He had one horse entered on Friday night and one on Sunday.  I got super car sick on Friday, so I spent the night in the camper with the Meister watching cartoons.  The car sickness turned into a migraine.  It. was. lovely. But Sunday was great, I wasn’t sick or anything.  After a quick lunch at the casino buffet, hellloooo crepes, it was off to the barn.

The thing about horses, that you may or may not know, is that there is a lot of hurry up and wait.  I don’t know why it is this way, it just is.  It’s right up there with don’t walk behind them, and watch your toes.  So we got to the barn and proceeded to sit around.  We sat in front of the giant fan and swatted at flies.  I was too hot to even want to pet the ponies.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved being there.  The smell of hay and horse goes straight to my heart.  It makes me so friggin’ happy.

So what does one do while they are hurrying up to wait?  I took pictures.

Kisses for Itsahourseofcourse.
It’s 90 bagillion degrees out, he’s in jeans,and he chooses to lay on straw and sleep.  I don’t claim to understand him, just love him.


Me, trying to be all artsy with my Snapseed app.  I need more practice.

Then The Meister took pictures.

Gramma caught on to the picture taking.  Grampa not so much.
Can you feel what I’m feeling in this picture?

Eventually, it was time to get Turning Silver ready to go to the races.  She was brushed and hosed off, covered in a fly sheet and walked up to the paddock.  I drove in the air conditioned car.  She broke well, and she ran well, and SHE WON!  woo hoo!  She broke her maiden, no it’s not dirty, it just means she won her first race.  No pics, they are still on order.

What did you do this weekend?  Did you hurry up and wait?


High Five for Friday

Once again, I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.  I am loving Friday this week.  Work has been boooooring so I’m ready to have a break from the monotony.  Woo Hoo weekend!


5.  My irises are blooming.  Spring is here no matter what the weather has been.
4. He is truly the light of my life.  I love him so.  Even when he does things like stay up late reading.
3. My other tiny orchid is blooming!  Pretty!
2.  We saw the coolest Lego sculptures when we were in Ames over the weekend.  That dragonfly is entirely made of Legos.
1. We went to the barn and saw Love Tapper, my favoritest race horse in my father in law’s stable.  Meister was smitten too.  ❤

Race horses, kids, and Christmas

Long time no post=Random title
Since no one reads this blog I feel confident that I can treat it as a journal and not worry about my readers wondering where I’ve been over the last few weeks.  Seriously though, anyone out there?  crickets  Any who, the Christmas cookies were a success.  The kids enjoyed decorating them.  Meister thought it was hilarious to stick his face in the sprinkles and eat them.  Please see exhibit A…

…I don’t necessarily have to claim him as my own right?  I guess I will, he’s pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. 

Christmas was a success as well.  The kids got way too many presents.  The Hubs and I had said we were only getting them 3 things.  1 from us 2 from the jolly red elf.  We held true to that.  It was the Grampas and Grammas that showered them with gifts.  Here I go on a tangent…Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want them to get nothing at all, but the excess is what gets me.  Add to that, the Meisters bio-dad decided last minute he wouldn’t be taking the Meister over winter break and now all of his presents were being shipped to my house.  He had 20 plus presents to open from that side of the family alone.  Miss Thang did go to her mom’s after the holidays so we didn’t have hers to open.  Phew!  Tangent over.  In the end, the Hubs and I have decided that 1 big shared gift from us and 1 big thing from Santa is all they are getting next year.  We can control ourselves, but not our families.  And that’s OK.

She’s love the crap out of that pillow pet.

The Meister is eating me out of house and home and he’s only 6.  He is going through a growth spurt I’m sure of it.  This is what his meals consisted of on Sunday.  5 cinnamon rolls (the kind from a can), a bowl of cereal, 4 bowls of chicken noodle soup, half a grapefruit, and a crescent roll, one and a half chicken salad sandwiches and crackers.  I really hope he starts growing after he eats all this food.  He’s a shorty.  Like front row of school programs short.  and he’s skiiiiiiinnnnny!  He will be 7 next Wednesday and he’s still wearing size 5 pants.   Here’s to the growth spurt, lets just hope I can buy enough groceries!

My father in law is a race horse trainer.  I love him for it because I can get my horse fix without spending a fortune and scooping poop.  Every year I pick a favorite horse from his line up.  This year, it’s Love Tapper.  I picked him because he’s a pet.  Just a sweet sweet lover boy who wants you to scratch him.  So without further ado…

Love Tapper