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More Turquoise Door

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I promised more pictures of the front door.  Enjoy!

I love me some enamelware!

I love how funky my hip looks in the reflection.  Not.


My Turquoise Front Door

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I told you about my wild hair yesterday.  I painted the front door.  I was bored.  It seemed like a good idea.  I didn’t ask The Hubs his opinion as it usually is a resounding NO to everything I want to do.  He seems to think everything should stay the same in our house.  Um no, that’s not fun is it?

Let’s refresh our memories shall we?  I moved into the house in the summer of 2008.  The previous owners loved loved loved orange and purple.  They are nice colors.  Just not the shades they picked.  You should have seen the kitchen.  It was positively fluorescent orange.  Gag!  The front door wasn’t so bad though.  The house was originally gray and the orange door looked nice.  This was last October after we had the vinyl siding put on.  Ohmygoodness look how little they were.  It was only last year!  Gah!

They picked their own clothes that day.  Just sayin’

So as you can see the orange was nice.  The door was last on the to do list until recently.  Here it is with one coat of Peacock Blue by Glidden.  I don’t know if they still have this color, I received a free quart during a give away about a year ago.

It looks marginally different with the second coat.  Namely the orange isn’t showing around the knob and deadbolt.  I like to keep it classy.

experimenting with watermarks.  you like?

Here it is close up with a wreath I made during drink wine and bitch about our husbands craft night.

All in all I think it turned out really nice.  When it quits raining cats and dogs I’ll get outside and get you a front porch shot.

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Shut the front door

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Last night I got a wild hair and painted my front door.  The Hubs is away so the wife will DIY without his help or “suggestions.”  It was awesome.  The orange wasn’t doing it for me anymore.  It was there when I moved in and it looked nice.  The house is a greige color so I didn’t feel the need to change it right away. 

There is the original color.  Terra Cotta.  Pumpkin.  Autumn sunset.  I didn’t paint it so I couldn’t tell you.

I’m only on my first coat so this is just a peek.  I’ll finish up tonight and give you the tadaaa! moment tomorrow.


Painted Dresser Tutorial

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I needed something for my dining room. I had the table and chairs, but I didn’t have a sideboard or a hutch. The wall was empty. It just wasn’t right. I had seen repainted dressers all over the internet. I knew it was what I wanted to do. I looked on Craigslist. I looked at Goodwill. I looked and I looked for about two months. It was keeeling me! Finally, the day after Thanksgiving I met her. Ladies and Germs, meet Bertha!  
After I bought her and loaded her into my station wagon, I texted The Hubs the above picture.  He texted back,  GOOD GOD NO WOMAN!  If the man I loved more than anything despite his total lack of taste and design sense hated it, then I knew I was good to go.
And then she sat for a while.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with her.  I knew I wanted her to be black, so she’d go with the rest of the room.  But what kind of black?  Pottery Barn black?  Chippy black?  Milk paint black?  Then I found this post. Bertha and I had a date!
Here she is with one coat of primer.  I loved the foam roller, it was really easy to use.  The cheap foam brushes, worked great for all the grooves and hard to roll areas.

 Two coats of the black enamel/paint.  It rolled on like a dream.  I ended up with two coats on the body and three on the top.  I think the third coat added that extra smoothness.  Once she was all black, I thought she looked nice.  Pretty good, but…She needed a little somethin’ somethin’  I decided to sand down the edges and stain the wood.  I scuffed up the drawers and doors, anywhere I thought it need a little distressing.


I’m really happy with the end result.  I love the fact that I have tons of storage options.  I think I’ve only used two drawers, but I’m sure I’ll find some crap to stuff in there.  er her her her.

iphone late at night crappy lighting blah blah blah

Painted Headboard

I found this Ethan Allen head/foot board combo at Goodwill for 10 bucks.  It didn’t have the rails to go with it, but that was ok.  The hubs attached them to an existing frame we had laying around.  You have old bed frames laying around, right? 

He’s handy like that.
Usually I’m the furniture painter in the family.  This time though The Hubs felt like being in charge.  He felt that priming would be, and I quote, “stupid.”  You know that old saying “pick your battles.”  This was one of those times.   Ok, no primer.   
 This is two coats people.  Let this be a lesson.  I even have a rhyme to help you remember.  Prime every time or listen to me whine.  Catchy eh? Notice the drips?  Yeah, me too. The Hubs didn’t. 
All finished in her brand new big girl room.
I can’t totally throw Hubs under the bus here.  He did a pretty good job.  Not bad for 10 bucks and a quart of paint.