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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Kids ruin everything

If you have known me for any length of time then you know my motto: Kids ruin everything.  They do.  Think about it for a minute.  Remember when you were childless?  See?  I’m right aren’t I?  With that said though, I love our kids.  I love them to pieces and I’d let them ruin my life over and over again just to have them with me.

Who would wear cowboy hats with me?  Certainly not The Hubs.  He abhors cowboys.  I used to be married to one.  Ironic eh?

Who would sleep like this?  I die a little inside each time I see this.  How effing precious?

Who would look so adorable and so gross at the same time?

Who would let me endanger my face while taking this awesome picture?

These two that’s who.  I love the crap out of them and want to squeeze them.  A lot.





We’ve been busy

Over Labor Day weekend, The Hubs and my dad ripped out the deck because we are putting in a patio.  It took a long time and of course it was unseasonably hot.  I didn’t take their pictures while they were doing it because  laser beams would have shot out their eyes and melted me.

This is the aftermath.

The deck was a good foot off the ground and Max used to go under there and gnaw on his “acquisitions” shall we say.  Max of course found all of the good bits of dead mice and bugs while I was raking up the gravel/rocks/nails/bits of wood/plant debris/dead rodents.   It was so gross.  It seriously made me rethink having a dog.  I love him and all, but ewwwww.

And yes, our yard looks super trashy right now.  Everything that was up by the house has to be somewhere else for a while three weeks.  I’m sure the neighbors love us.

The pergola is going to stay.  Hopefully.  We’ll see what the concreters say.

The Hubs moved the rest of the river rock last night and it is now prepped for the concrete guys.  They might be here in a week.  We don’t know, because they haven’t committed to a date.  So it’s hurry up and wait.  The story of my life.


I made a terrarium today.  It came out exactly like the picture in my head!  I think the lack of wine while crafting added to the outcome.  Ha!

I had two small orchids hanging out on my kitchen windowsill all summer long.  I had one of them in a terrarium I made last year out of a goodwill find.  It was the cutest glass jar with lid.  I looked and looked for a picture of it with the lid on, but I guess I never took one.  This will have to do.

That orchid lived in there about a year, but I knew it needed a new home when I brought home this guy.


Being the cheap bastard that I am, I knew I wasn’t going to run out and buy a big glass jar with a lid.  Nooo.  I was going to wait until the cutest most perfect jar appeared at Goodwill.  It took a while, but I found it.  It used to be a drink dispenser, but I just turned the spigot to the back.  I’m clever like that.  Snort.

So I filled that bad boy up with some rocks, pea gravel, a little activated charcoal, orchid mix, then the orchids.  It looked a little bare in front so I ripped some moss off the ground from the front yard.  Again with the clever!  Sometimes I amaze myself.  I added a tiny ceramic pony for the cute factor.


I was quite pleased.  I plopped the lid on and put in on the kitchen counter.  Many hours later I came back to find this.

What the fire truck is going on in there?  What’s with all the lines?  So I get reaaaal close.  That’s when I discovered my leeetle friends.

I guess I’ll add snails to the list of pets in our house.  Now, what exactly do I feed them?