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I’m a locavore!

I have been gardening for about 10 years and I love eating what I produce.  I have also been buying local produce for quite a while.  It’s really easy to do here when there is a corn stand on every corner all summer long.  What I didn’t realize is that I now fit into a rather trendy category, I’m a locavore.  Nothing has really changed for me, it just took me this long to realize it.  Derrr!
So, in celebration of adding another label to my title, I whipped up this dish.

The recipe is as follows:

Bacon fat saved from the local grass fed bacon from the farmer’s market-I can’t remember the farm.

1 bell pepper*

2 cubanelles*

1 onion*

1 clove garlic-farmers market find

handful of cherry tomatoes*

1 yellow roma tomato*

feta cheese from Flatwater Creamery

* I grew it

I melted the bacon fat in a cast iron skillet.  Then I sauteed the onion and garlic.  I diced up all of the peppers and threw those in.  I sauteed until everything was soft and starting to brown.  Then I chopped up the yellow tomato and threw that in.  I put the cherry tomatoes in last and let those get soft and squishy.  I had some leftover quinoa, so I put that in a bowl and spooned the veggies on top.  I topped it off with feta cheese.  It was delish!


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