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Mom fail #967

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Guess who sucks as a mom?  This gal right here!  ACK what a morning.  I thought today was “pajama day” at daycare.  The Meister was dressed in some gym type shorts and an old tball shirt.  At a red light on the way to daycare is when I decide to look at my phone which has the daycare calendar on it.  I think I threw up in my mouth a little at the realization that I am a momfailure.  Today is not pajama day, noooo.  Today is go to the splash park and bring a sack lunch.  So not only is my kid dressed in pajamas on the wrong day, I now have no sack lunch and 20 minutes to get to daycare, drop off and be to work.  Guess who got a gas station lunch in a sack from the back of my car?  The Meister.  Good thing his jammies consist of gym shorts and a t-shirt.  He at least look normal.  I apologized to him and said “I guess your old mom is not very organized today.”  His response?  “That’s ok you’re never organized.”  I give up.


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