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I’m going to vacuum in my underwear!

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After a busy weekend of:
Going to the races.
Saying “hi” to Itsahorseofcourse.
and building trellises…
I am family free until Saturday!  The Hubs is at work out of town, The Meister is in South Dakota with my parents and Miss Thang is at her mom’s house. Imma gonna go crazy!  Crazy with glee!
My to do list:
  1. Go crazy
  2. eat cereal for supper
  3. craft with all my supplies all over the place and not pick them up
  4. vacuum in my underwear 
  5. watch whatever I want on the TV
  6. listen to MY music as loud as I want
  7. I may or may not eat cereal for supper while listening to my music in my underwear-thank the lord there will NOT be pictures of that!

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