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High Five for Friday

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What a great week.  I feel good about myself, my life, my family.  Yay for this week.  Linking up with Lauren has become such a fun way to end the week.  Here we go!


5. I went to the zoo with Meister’s class.  When I arrived there must have been 30 buses in the parking lot and 8 gagillion kids running around.  It was chaos.  Once we got inside and paired up with the kids, it was much much better.

4.  I ate this cake.  It was amazeballs.  It was a poppy seed cake with lemon curd filling.  My tongue did the happy dance when I tasted it.

3.  I went to The Spring Terrier games at a local recreation area.  It was an event that highlighted local rescues here in Nebraksa.  Meister loved the Mastiff named Broccoli.  The Hubs really wants a Mastiff.  I told him we can get one when Max dies.  Max is 6.  Hopefully we have a long long time until we get a 150 pound dog.

2.  The Hub’s best friend since first grade came over with his family.  The boys thought it would be fun to try out the new tag-a-long bike we got for Miss Thang.  They reverted back to their first grade selves in an instant.

1.  I was let go from my PRN position at the hospital because they are fully staffed.  I am actually happy about it.  I loved working in the ER.  Loved the people.  I didn’t love the fact it was in addition to my regular 40 hour work week.  Woot woot to only having one job.  Now if only I could win the lottery and have NO job.  That would be awesomesauce.

Have a great weekend.  
I’m gonna plant some more plants, mow the yard, and do laundry.  I’m CRAZY like that!

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