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Attack of the baby tomatoes!

This morning The Hubs asked me, “When exactly are you planting your tomatoes?”

I batted my eyelashes then pointed at the kitchen sink and said, “Why does this bother you?” 

His charming response?  “Uh yeah”

Like those dishes?  Want to take bets on whether they will still be there when I get home?

So yeah, um it’s not usually so cluttered.  I have the nine tomatoes, 1 cubanelle pepper, 2 sweet potatoes growing slips, 3 potted orchids and 1 hanging orchid.  And a bunch of dirty pancake dishes.  I had to snap this in a hurry because I had to get to work.  Next time I’ll scrub for you.  Maybe.  Meh, we’ll see.

I checked the weather forecast and it looks like the lows will be warm enough all week long that I feel confident putting them out.  I think they will get a good enough head start that if it does get chilly I can cover them. 

Now where to put them?  I have had some blight issues the last two years so my raised bed space is limited.  The only bed left has a big ol’ clump of rhubarb in it and it’s backed up to the fence so I can’t get to the back side easily.  That and I think I can only fit 3 in there.

I think I’ll put my cherry tomato in a pot on the deck, so that’s 4.  I’m giving 2 to my mother in law, so that’s 6.  That leaves me with three more.  I have a long bed on the back fence that has some perennial flowers in it.  I doubled it’s length this year,  so it has plenty of room for the tomatoes.  

Ignore the junk wood.  I have no excuse.  Well, yes I do, but it’s a long story.

The real question is, do I really need that many tomato plants?  No.  Do I want them, oh yes!  I have a sickness, I am addicted to tomatoes.  I like to eat them right in the garden with a sprinkle of salt.  I figure I can throw the last three back there and experiment with staking.  I usually use plain old cages.  I have been intrigued by teepees and have thought about just letting them sprawl.  I am a negligent gardener at best so the sprawling really appeals to me. 

I guess we will just have to see how it goes.  I’m sure I’ll change my mind as I’m planting them.  I’m a Gemini, it’s what I do!


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