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High Five for Friday!

Wooo hooo Friday! I’m linking up again with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.   I am so looking forward to the weekend.  We are going to Des Moines to be with the Hubs at his place of employment.  He works for the horse racing industry and through him, I get my horsey fix.
I used to manage a public riding stable in Estes Park.  It was my dream job.  It was a sad day when I gave it up.  I still miss it.  sniffle. So anyways, can’t wait for the weekend so I can love on some horses and enjoy the races.  Here is my top five for the week.


5.  The Meister lost another tooth!
4.  I found Hoarders on Netflix.  I’m on season two already.  It may or may not be an obsession.
3.  I read this book.  Really good, really informative.
2.  I started this book.  Yes, I know what it’s about and yes I know it’s got the kinky kinky in it.  
1.  I’m making a butterscotch brownie cake for the Hubs’ birthday.  I found it on Bakerella The Hubs is going to be 32.  Woo hoo.  I’m the older woman, so anytime he’s a little bit older I celebrate.  


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