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High Five for Friday!

Holy Moly am I glad it’s Friday.  Let’s share the love with Lauren and say High Five for Friday!

5.  Easter went well.  Meister was at his dad’s house so it was just Miss Thang, The Hubs and I.  It was odd to only have one kid, but it was nice too.  She got our undivided attention for four whole days.  

Chocolate at 7 am is normal, right?
 4. The Meister drew me a picture of the Decorah Eagles for my desk.  I just love it.
See the eagles back there?  Behind my phone?
3.How presh is this?  I mean, really.  How many babies do you need to hold while sleeping?  
Apparently the answer is 5.  You need 5 babies to sleep.
2. An art project from school made my nerd heart sing again!  It’s the Rabbit of Caerbannog!
It has sharp pointy teeth! 
1.  This book has been very engaging.  I have found many applications for my own garden that I can’t wait to try out.  If only it would stop raining!  You can buy it here.

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