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High Five for Friday!!

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This week flew by way too fast.  I had the first half of the week all to my lonesome because The Meister is at his dad’s for spring break, The Hubs was working in Iowa, and Miss Thang was at her mom’s.
It was ok.

So High Five for Friday!  Thanks Lauren for hosting such a great link up.


 5.  I cleaned and organized Meister’s room.  Behold the Lego bin.

I was tempted to let my OCD take over and sort by color…

4.  I gardened like a mad woman.  I built these cool potato bins.
I have German Butterball in the back tower and La Ratte in the front.
3. Hooray for volunteers!  These are all mini pumpkins.  Oy!
That is some crappy topsoil. 
2. We went to an egg hunt.  It was 91 degrees for our hunt.  That is just wrong
see the rosy cheeks?  it was too hot people!
1.  Apparently Miss Thang likes chicken teriyaki.
arrrrgh chicken!


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