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Peanut Butter

Meister asked me the most unnerving question this morning.  I was making his yummy soy butter and jelly sandwich and he says “mom, does peanut butter taste good?”  That’s when I froze.  What do I say?  Hell yes and I miss it all the time you allergic little bastard?  Oh no sweetie, it’s horrible.  Yucky.  Phooey.  You’d never want to eat that crap.  Cuz, you know you’d turn blue and die and shit.  I think my response was a little more appropriate than my thoughts.  Yes it does taste good to a lot of people, but you will never be able to taste it because you’d get very very sick and maybe die.  He accepted it.  Then we talked about how you would never try it when your friends tell you to, or if someone says it’s OK blah blah blah.  So my real question is (because there is no question about the deliciousness of peanut butter) Did I say the right thing?


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  1. Yes. You said the most perfect thing.

  2. Can he have sunflower seeds? Because if so, the Sunbutter is so so much better than the soy butter. If not. Disregard. And yes, you said the right thing.

  3. Sadly, he can't have Sunbutter. He's anaphylactic to sunflower seeds as well as peanuts. Soynut butter is what we are currently using, but I'm curious about Peabutter. It's 7 dollars a jar though. I can't say I'm THAT curious.


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